Madrid is a well-connected city through its public-transport network and getting from location A to B is easy. Here you have some tips.

Getting from and to the airport

  • By taxi: flat rate of 30€ to arrive at any place in Madrid downtown from the airport and vice versa.
  • By Metro: the four terminals (T1, T2, T3 & T4) of the Adolfo-Suarez Barajas Madrid airport have Metro stations in Line 8. Be aware that there is an extra airport fee (+3€) for the Metro tickets. The journey Aeropuerto T4 to Nuevo Ministerios takes 20 minutes approximately. 


The Metro is the fastest, most efficient and reliable way of getting around Madrid. It runs from 6am to 1.30am, with trains departing every 2-5 minutes in the morning and afternoon and every 15-20 minutes after midnight. 

  • Contactless card: All tickets must be loaded onto a contactless transferable plastic card (“Tarjeta Multi”). The price of the card is 2.5€ and can be purchased in all Metro stations at the machines available. It is free if you buy the tourist ticket.
  • Fares:
    • Single Metro ticket (Zone A): 1.5-2€ depending on the number stations between the origin and the destination.
    • 10-journeys ticket: 12€. It is valid for either Metro or EMT buses (blue color). 
    • Tourist ticket: you can buy passes for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 7 days. It is also valid for either Metro or EMT buses. The price for 1 day is 8.40€ and for 5 days is 26.80€.


The public bus company is known as EMT. Normal buses run daily from 6am. until 23:30pm, every 5-15 minutes depending on the line and time. Single-journey bus tickets can be bought on the bus, but bus drivers only accept the payment of the tickets (1.5€) in cash and with a 5€ note as maximum. Thus, the use of the contactless plastic card (“Tarjeta Multi”) is highly recommended. 

Useful apps for planning the journey.

Next apps calculate journey time and best connections to arrive at your destination.

  • Citymapper (for bus and/or Metro services, among others)
  • Metro Madrid (for Metro)
  • EMT Madrid (for bus service)

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