This award was established to recognize outstanding effort and creative work in the science and technology of dynamic processes in materials and related applications. This encompasses the processes by which materials are welded, formed, compacted, and synthesized, as well as dynamic deformation, fracture, and the extreme shock loading effects. The award is named after a true pioneer who witnessed and actively contributed to the field for over forty years. This award has been given every five years, at the occasion of the EXPLOMET conferences. The selection of the first two awards, announced in August 1990, was made by a committee composed of the EXPLOMET chairmen and Dr. J. S. Rinehart. In subsequent years, the awardees chaired the committee for future awards. A permanent committee is in such a way was established to select the nominees. In selecting the individuals, special attention has been given to the balance between fundamental science and technological implementation.

Since 2009, DYMAT is the Custodian of the Award. DYMAT 2009 was the first DYMAT conference where the DYMAT John Rinehart Award was attributed to experienced persons.

Now every three years, a special jury, composed of the members of the DYMAT International Advisory Committee and members of the DYMAT Governing Board, vote and select the winners.

Previous winners of the John Rinehart Award:

1990 Andrey A. Deribas
1990 Mark L. Wilkins
1995 Rolf Prümmer
1995 Akira B. Sawaoka
2000 Don Shockey
2000 Don Curran
2007 Lawrence E. Murr
2007 Yilong Bai
2009 John E. Field
2009 Marc André Meyers
2012 Professor Alain Molinari
2015 Carlo Albertini
2015 Ron Armstrong
2018 Gordon R. Johnson
2018 George T. (Rusty) Gray III