DYMAT is an international association for the promotion of research into the dynamic behaviour of materials and its applications. The association organizes an international conference every three years. The last conferences took place in Arcachon (France) in 2018 and Lugano (Switzerland) in 2015. The next conference will take place in Madrid (Spain) in September 2021.

The objective of the triennial international DYMAT conferences is to create a forum where scientists involved in research or industrial applications related to the dynamic behaviour of materials can meet and discuss results and ideas by means of a series of presentations (oral and poster) and a small- scale technical exhibition. Delegates from all nations are invited to attend the conference.

The topics presented ad DYMAT conferences cover theoretical, numerical and experimental approaches to the various methods used to study the mechanical and physical behaviour of metals, ceramics, concrete, polymers, biomaterials and composites al high strain rates. Participants are also invited to make presentations of work based on specific industrial applications, such as crashworthiness in transport including cars, trains, boats and airplanes; terminal ballistics related to defence, shielding of satellites, failure of turbine blades and discs; biast effects due to industrial explosions, terrorist attacks; catastrophic failure assessments of engineered structures, material processing such as high-speed shaping of metals.

The 2021 International Conference is organized by Universidad Polit├ęcnica de Madrid.